The main aim of this project is to strengthen and further develop recently established studies (in Academic 2011/2012, consists of five subjects in 8th semester) on academic undergraduate studies of the Economic faculty, under the name „European Economic Integration” and to support Montenegrin European integration process through education system on related subjects in the framework of undergraduate (and postgraduate study). Academic post-graduate study European economic integration is established in 2006 on the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics.

The first generation of student of the European economic integration study, 2011/2012,Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro, Podgorica

Overall objective of the JMC-EEI Montenegro project is to contribute, through lifelong learning to the development of Montenegro as an advanced knowledge-based society, with sustainable economic development, more and better jobs and greater social cohesion, while ensuring good protection of the environment for future generation. Having in mind recently open accession negotiations of Montenegro with the EU (June 2012), this project will positively influence the achievement of this strategic goal for the country.

The project objectives are the following:
• To modernize educational process, support further development of the University of Montenegro/Faculty of Economics (UoM/FE) – to stimulate excellence in teaching, research and reflection in European integration studies in higher education institutions in the EU candidate countries (with focus on economic integration);
• To improve and upgrade level of quality knowledge in economic theory and practice of the European studied as a science; • To support UoM/FE dealing with issues relating to European economic integration and its dissemination to other stakeholders through different events,
• Develop and promote European integration of Montenegro in Academic community and in the broaden public,
• To support Montenegrin government in implementation of the Communication strategy for European Integration (public awareness, networking, cooperation with local communities, business associations, companies, NGOs, media, other educational institutions, etc.); support to the Government of Montenegro in accession working groups and participation in public debates related to the accession negotiations, and
• Recognize market demands on Montenegrin labour market,

The JMC-EEI Montenegro project benefits to different users, primarily to Montenegrin student community (not only UoM/EF students) through offering the improved teaching, methodology and literature for the subjects on European Economic Integration studies. Main target group is student’s group which attend EEI study on fourth year on the UoM/EF, while broader target are students that participated on public debates, guest lecturer events, simulation games, etc. In addition to abovementioned, specific target which benefit from JME-EEI project is growing community of postgraduate students from EEI post-graduate study. Books, papers and other publications of the JMC-EEI team encouraged them to select interesting master thesis and to work effectively on them. Finally, on the UoM/EF some students express interests in taking further step and working on PhD thesis related to European economic integration themes.