–Jean Monnet Chair EU debate

Podgorica,May 11th 2015.
On the Faculty of Economics, as a part of Jean Monnet Chair project, within the European Economic Integration study, a debate titled - „European challenges of Montenegro: dynamics of the accesion negotiations and lessons learned“, was held on the occasion of the Day of Europe – 9th of May.
Dean of the Faculty of Economics, prof. dr Ana Lalević-Filipović had the opportunity to adress the students and after that prof. dr Gordana Đurović, Jean Monnet Chair project Chairperson, who was at the same time the debate mediator.
Students from the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Law, the Business law study, managed by prof. dr Gordana Paović-Jeknić had the opportunity to hear some interesting lectures. Guest lecturers were State secretary for european integrations and Chief negotiator Amb. Aleksandar A. Pejović, who held a lecture on: „Accession negotiations of Montenegro: first three years“, and prof. dr Miroslav Prokopijević, from the Institute for European studies from Belgrade who held a lecture on – „European integration: economic aspect and crisis“.
Students also had the opportunity to hear lectures of the professors from the Faculty of Economics: doc. dr Nikola Milović – „Competitiveness of the Montenegrin economy on its way to the EU“, and doc. dr Mijat Jocović – „Adjustment of the law system of Montenegro in the EU accession negotiations“.

Chief Negotiator for the accession negotiation with EU, HE Amb. Aleksandar Andrija Pejović at the Jean Monnet Chair EU debate

- Day of Europe 2014 – Main Jean Monnet Chair EEI event – EU DEBATE AT MANAGEMENT STUDY PROGRAMME IN BIJELO POLJE

9 May 2014
9th May is Europe Day. It involves all citizens of the European Union and countries of enlargement because we are celebrating the declaration delivered on 9th May 1950 by Robert Schuman. On that day five years after the end of the Second World War, the then French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman launched an appeal which founded European integration. This declaration announced the creation of the European Community of Steel and Coal (ECSC). During the European Council of Milan in 1985 the heads of state and government decided to establish 9th May as Europe Day. Celebrated each year since 1986, Europe Day is an opportunity for activities and festivities that bring Europe and its citizens closer together.

Lecturers on the EU Debate in Bijelo Polje

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- Day of Europe 2013 – Main Jean Monnet Chair EEI event – EU DEBATE AND SIMULATION GAME

Podgorica, 24 May 2013
Main JMC/EEI event in academic 2012/2013 was held on 24 May 2013 on UoM/FE, with special focus on simulation game, organised for the first time on our Faculty.

Chairholder Prof dr Gordana Djurovic, dr Nikola Milovic and dr Mijat Jocovic, JMC team members, with HE Ambassador Mitja Drobnič, Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro on the JMC event 2013 - the Economic Faculty, 24 May 2013.

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