Jean Monnet Chair for European Economic Integration at the Faculty of Economics (JMC-EEI at UoM/FE) understands itself as “motor” for broadening and deepening of teaching and research activities on European Integration at the University of Montenegro.


  Project title:     European Economic Integration Study on the Faculty of Economics
  in Montenegro
  Project number:     528439-LLP-1-2012-ME-AJM-CH (2012- 2015)
  Sub-programme or KA:     JEAN MONNET PROGRAMME (Sub-programme),
KEY ACTIVITY 1 - JEAN MONNET Chairs(Sub-action)
  Project website:
  Action:     1. Improvement of the quality of subjects on European Economic Integration studies - The Faculty of Economics,
• The EU Enlargement policy
• Economy of the European Union
• Macro system of the EU
• Cohesion policy and structural funds of the EU
• Single Market and the EU Competition Policy
  2. Organisation of the EU debates on „Day of Europe“ and other activities
  Beneficiary     organisation:     University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics
  Team:     Prof. Gordana Djurovic, PhD., Project coordinator
Lecturer Nikola Milovic, PhD.;
Lecturer Mijat Jocovic PhD.;