Mijat Jocovic, PhD

Family name: Jocovic
First names: Mijat
Date of birth: 05.10.1980
Nationality: Montenegrin
Civil status: Married, two children
Education: Ph.D in Law
E-mail: mijatj@ac.me
Economic Faculty (University of Montenegro)
Jovana Tomasevica 37
20000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Institution [ Date from - Date to ] Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
  2008-2011University of Belgrade,,  Faculty of Law     Ph.D. in Law
  2003.-.2007. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, Belgrade,   Serbia.   Master of Law        
  1999-.2003. University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics   Podgorica   B.S.c in Law

Present position:

University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics, Assistant Professor at the University of Montenegro. Subjects: "Law", "Business Law" and "International business contracts", „Macrosystem EU”.
Years within the institution: 10 years.

Key qualifications:

• Member of the working group for the preparation of negotiations on the accession of Montenegro to the European Union in the field of acquis related in Chapter 6 – Company law.
• Lifelong learninig programe, JEAN MONNET programe, Jean monnet Chairs, Project title: „European Economic Integration Study on the Faculty of Economics in Montenegro“, duration 2012-2015.
• "The competitiveness of the Montenegrin economy-to be among the 50 most competitive countries in the world" project duration 2012-2015 , Ministry of Science, Montenegro, 2012-2014.
• “Competitiveness of the construction sector in Montenegro - conditions, possibilities and directions for improvement”, Ministry of Science, Montenegro, 2012-2014
• "Analysis of the effects of privatization process in Montenegro" - Project Secretary and Member of the consulting team of the Faculty of Economics in area of corporate governance.
• “Applying the concept of intellectual capital in modern business practice”, Faculty of Economics Podgorica, the project supported by the Ministry of Education and Science for the period 2009-2010


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